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About Us

Hi! We are Melodie and Matty! For years we dreamed of owning a vintage camper. When we found "Doris", our 1965 Shasta Airflyte, it was love at first sight. We decided to pack her up with retro treats, take her on the road, and bring a smile to faces of all ages. Tin Can Treats embodies a simpler time, and provides you with a trip down memory lane, while serving up childhood favorites.

Matty was born and raised in Texas and has been wearing western snap shirts ever since. Within a few minutes of meeting Matty, you know that he is passionate about vintage guitars, classic cars, scooters, and Van Halen. When he isn't serving up treats, he is making deals happen as an entertainment lawyer. Matty's favorite Tin Can Treat is a Tennessee Moon Pie with a cold bottle of grape Crush soda.

is from all over the South, but when really excited, you can hear the twang of her Alabama accent. She is passionate about vintage clothing, red lipstick, hot rollers, and a really great thrift store. If she isn't slinging treats, you will more than likely find her on stage pursuing her other love, acting. Melodie's favorite Tin Can Treat is the strawberry shortcake ice cream bar because it's pink, pretty, and delicious!